Within the Canary Islands, EDEI is one of the pioneering companies in the fields of socio-economic research and management consultancy.

Our first projects, type-written copies of which are to be found in our archives, date from 1978. Right in the middle of the transition towards democracy, when so much was still to be done, several young professionals from a range of fields and knowing nothing about the word “entrepreneur”, but interested in economics, business, society and technology, began to accept work from both public and private organisations. Within the framework of the newly-formed company, an array of studies related to economic sectors, public opinion, social politics, field work and data analysis were carried out. This era was characterized by the increase in
know-how with respect to the acquisition and management of information, as well as the macro-perspective of socio-economic problems and for the many projects carried out in the sectors of agriculture, fishing, social services and small/medium-sized businesses. Over several years a resumé called Dossier Canarias was published.

In the eighties, driven by both the demand of our clients as well as by
recently-identified opportunities, EDEI widened its field to include Viability Studies, Market Research and Territorial Planning studies. Simultaneously Management Training came into being, as did Personnel Selection. In 1982 Edei received the prize for the Most Creative Business from the Club of Marketing of Las Palmas. In 1986, as a Research Institute, EDEI joins ANEIMO (National Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Companies). This is a time of intense professional progress both in the fields of consumer products, commerce and manufacturing, as well as in the tackling of problems related to urban, economic and social development.

The nineties witnesses intense activity in our new range of services: Strategic Consultancy, Research in Organisation, Marketing and Communication Planning, Technical Assistance in Plans and Systems of Quality Control and Projects on Information Technology. This period is highlighted by a huge increase in the degree of specialization in research related to transport and mobility within the areas of industry and tourist destinations; by the analysis and mushrooming of social politics and by projects which incorporate environmental and world-wide perspectives. In 1999 EDEI is founder-member of AINCO (Association of Engineering and Consultancy Companies in the Canaries).

The period after 2000 sees the incorporation of services including the Analysis and Promotion of projects of Business Start-ups, Investment, Corporate Development and Restructuring; Services to do with technical assistance and support for Innovation, the intensive use of Web Technologies and Systems of Geographical Information. As from 2001 EDEI Consultores S.A. boasts the “Certificado de Registro de Empresa AENOR” (AENOR Company Registry Certificate), issued in accordance with the ISO regulations for Quality Management, as well as the Certificate AENOR in the field of Market, Social and Public Opinion Research, according to UNE-ISO 20252. In 2004 EDEI joins TCI, world-wide network of activities which support competitiveness, clusters and innovation. Our professional services are characterized by increased perspective of competitiveness for our clients, by means of design, externalization and collaboration among all parties involved, with increased sophistication in the demands and a quest for excellence in the results obtained.